Stakeholders Engagement
Stakeholder Aspect and Contact Information

●Staff(Importance to the Group) Excellent and competitive employees are the key to the Group's business growth. Issues of Concern:
Talent Attraction and Retention、Occupational Health and Safety、Welfare System and Care、Employee Rights and Pluralistic Equality

●Client(Importance to the Group) Keep close contact with customers, protect customer privacy, and accept customer review at any time; report CSR management status of the Company and suppliers to customers. Constantly strengthen customer service and provide fast, convenient, efficient, high-quality, and economically innovative products and services; at the same time, in line with the trend of the times, actively save energy and reduce carbon, and provide customers with products which reduce carbon emissions. Issues of Concern: Corporate Governance and Operational Performance、Innovative R&D、Quality Enhancement、Customer Privacy

  • Contact Higherway:
  • CS :Miss Chen
  • TEL:+886-4-2355-0011

●Suppliers Suppliers jointly abide by the integrity agreement, and grow together to build a sustainable supply chain. Issues of Concern: Ethical Business Management and Legal Compliance、Corporate Governance and Operational Performance、Customer Privacy、Supplier Management

●Shareholders and Investors(Importance to the Group) Sustainable operation and development require the support and trust of shareholders; strive to provide open and transparent information to establish a good relationship with mutual trust. Issues of Concern:Corporate Governance and Operational Performance Ethical Business Management and Legal Compliance Customer Privacy

  • Contact Higherway:
  • IR : Ata Liu
  • TEL:+86-4-2355-0011 ext:0711